Thursday, May 21

making it, sewing it

TIME TO SEW! My favorite part! I'm actually going to make four jumpers, different sizes and different colors. It's taken me a while to get them all cut & marked. But I'm ready to go and excited to see how they turn out!

Staystitching... just stitching, closer to the edge than the seam allowance. Don't ask me why they don't just say "stitch here".

Press seams open - it lays nice and flat and doesn't bulk up the seams. Quite an adjustment for me as opposed to quilting.
Pin - it really does help. I have spent years trying to avoid it, but it all comes down to this - it is straighter, neater, and I am more pleased with the end result when I pin. (oh, how I hate to admit it.)

Trim seams - why do they make us? Why don't they just make a smaller seam allowance? I DON'T KNOW! (yes this is me sitting at my sewing table with the fabric falling off my lap. Sometimes I trim by the t.v.)
Clip & flip - SO helpful to clip the curves when you flip it and press it. It decreases bulk (as if trimming the seams wasn't enough?) and make the fabric actually curve when/where you want it to. Just don't trim the seam you just stitched. Better not to clip in low light or late at night, I have found. just sayin'. :) Whether you clip actual wedges or just slits - I see it as a matter of personal preference. This is my favorite tool for flipping - it helps smooth the edges and can be shoved into skinny places. Some people use chopsticks. There's a variety of options out there, just find something that works for you!
Time to press - ahhh... you're starting to see results now. YAY! Sometimes the pattern calls for "topstitching" - the really close to the edge stitching. It helps keep facing from flipping inside out, or just kind of adds a finished detail. In these dresses I'm not going to do it, but it can be a nice touch.
We'll add the finishing touches (buttons!) in a couple of days. (Remember, I'm doing 4 of these dresses, folks!)


Nata-Leigh (Lubbock's Mom) said...

What do you charge for sewing lessons? I'm convinced my machine just hates me.

MaryAnne said...

Burda patterns have no seam allowances, so you can make them as narrow as you want - I typically only add 1/4" and that saves the clipping. But you have to remember to add the seam allowance! I have been really happy with the way the Burda patterns I've tried turned out.

I tried to avoid pinning for years too before coming to the same conclusion as you... I do sometimes skip ironing, although that also makes things look nicer.

Looking forward to seeing the finished product!