Monday, May 25

finishing up the dresses! (x4)

Well - unfortunately, most of my pictures were fuzzy. Ah well. You'll get the idea.

So - the dress is done, time to do the finishing touches. You marked the buttonholes, right? Time to get to it then. My sewing machine is (thankfully) pretty automated about the whole thing. Good luck if yours isn't. I've never really done them manually, so don't have any tips. Sorry. One tip - I usually do it on a scrap fabric first, and try buttoning the button (still on the card) through the hole. I just want to make sure it's the right size before I do it on the real fabric.

Then it's time to open up those buttonholes. One thing a seam ripper is good for that isn't frustrating! (unless you go too far....)Then of course, time for the buttons (you marked them right?) - if not, line up the buttonholes and mark through the holes.

And I've finally got four beautiful daisy dresses... all lined up and ready for four cute little girls!!!(amazing photo shoot coming soon, I hope!)


Sarah said...

Those look cute! Love the sneak preview too.

Nata-Leigh (Lubbock's Mom) said...

I love the matching yellow at the bottom ... they'll be so happy to have non-matching, matching dresses.

Amy said...

I love that daisy print. Where did you find it? Can't wait to see the photo shoot!