Saturday, May 30

random sewing

I took part in an event called "Spring Market" - a show at someone's house for a bunch of stay at home moms. It was a great way to expand my references a little, and I had fun sewing up a little something new...
This tiered ruffled dress! Nobody bought it though, so I think it will be going into my daughter's wardrobe for next summer!!!Here's what my little corner looked like... (Thanks again for the coat rack, Melissa!)

A few other vendors were there -
Blackberry Briar - amazing soy candles and room sprays. PLUS - she makes these amazing folk art dolls. Check her out on Etsy!
Shindigs for Kids - kids party planner extraordinaire - Nata-Leigh was my first follower.
Bornhoff Photography
Mags & Me - but for some reason I can't find her on etsy, and don't think I picked up her card. aack. Sorry.
Gretchen (the hostess) & her daughter made a bunch of bottlecap necklaces - cute, but more of the 5th grade girl crowd around that table.
Anyway - a bunch of talented ladies! What a great evening!


Courtney said...

This sounds awesome, I think it would make a great moms night out for my MOPS group. Can you tell me a bit more of what you did and how it all was planned/worked or put me in contact with someone who can?

Sarah said...

We're working on one of those for the fall. I've got a few friends who sell and who are joining in. Glad it was a fun night!

MaryAnne said...

Sounds like a fun night, what a great idea!

That ruffle dress is adorable.