Sunday, May 24

pink & green ... books

I've been having fun on the Pink & Green Blog Tour. So what better way to celebrate than with a couple of pink and green books?

Everybody knows about Pinkalicious, right? (and Purplicious, and Goldilicious) What a funny girl! (you gotta love the little brother. ha.)

Priscilla and the Pink Planet is for those of you out there who truly believe that although pink isn't inherently evil, there is more to life than pink. Ahhhh... a girl after my own heart.
Have any of you ever read Double Pink? It sounds similar.

Had a little too much pink yourself, want a little something green....?
My favorite "green" book... Anne of Green Gables. Just had to throw that one in.

Another book with quite a few colors... Elmer. We love that elephant here at our house!

What's your favorite color book?

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MaryAnne said...

We love Elmer at our house, too! I'd actually never heard of the "Pinkalicious" book, we'll have to check it out - I bet my daughter would love it!

Another color book we love is "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You Hear?"