Monday, May 11

picking the fabric & notions

My favorite part - picking the fabric! YAY!

Well of course you've already inspected the back of the pattern. Did you see underneath the big paragraph is a complex grid.
Once again - make sure you're looking at the right view "Dress A". Make sure you're looking at the right size - and check out the yardage required. This particular dress called for a contrasting fabric too. Check for yardage on interfacing.
Time to browse all the beautiful fabrics. ahhh... let's take a moment....

OK. Now back to business... Before you head up to the cutting counter, read the label on the end of the bolt. Is this fabric appropriate for the pattern? For example, if the pattern says (in that BIG paragraph at the beginning) that it is just for knit fabric, DON'T buy a woven. Trust me, I know from experience. (right mom? ha.)
If you're really nervous about it, you can buy a little extra. However, I have never had a problem being short on fabric. (Quilting, that's another story.)

Next choices - thread and notions. Look at that paragraph on the back of the pattern, and grab what you need. Thread - go a little darker rather than lighter if it's hard to match the fabric color exactly. Buttons - try and stay close to the size listed. If the most ADORABLE buttons are just a little bigger or smaller, it's probably o.k. Just don't go for a 7/8" button when it says 3/8". It just won't fit and will look silly. They picked that size for a reason.

When you get home with your fabric, decide what kind of seamstress you're going to be. Are you going to prewash? Iron? Or just go for it. It's really up to you how particular you want to be. I usually tend to just iron it if it's really wrinkled or not folded in half properly.

Coming up next... layout and cutting!!

(click here for the rest of the pattern tutorial)

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