Monday, May 11

smore cupcakes

My church women's group (United Methodist Women) hosts a Mother/Child Dessert every year on the Monday evening after Mother's Day. Everybody puts together their best dessert (or just an old favorite) and lines them up on a few long tables.
The feast begins, and after the kids are chock full of sugar :) the two kid's choirs sing. It's just a nice way to end our Choir year, and a fun gathering for families. You're invited as "long as you have a mother" they say - even though it's officially called a "Mother/Child Dessert".

Here's what I'm taking. A gooey mess that I'm calling Smore Cupcakes. Devil's Food chocolate cupcakes, topped with some marshmallow goodness, and then sprinkled with crushed graham crackers & mini chocolate chips. I'm not really sure how to stop the marshmallow from oozing over the side, other than to make them smaller next time so the marshmallow stays in the cupcake liner. But then again, maybe a little oozing marshmallow isn't so bad after all...


MaryAnne said...

Sounds sticky - and delicious.

Nata-Leigh (Lubbock's Mom) said...

I agree! Mmmmmmmm.