Monday, May 4

organize this!

ugh. My fabric stash is getting out of control. I have a workshop coming up this Friday night, and although it's not at my home - I felt the need to get my stash and MYSELF organized! I know this one shelf doesn't look that bad, but multiply it by three and you get frustration.
SO I took out each color and sorted through. Folded nicely. Not perfectly - but at least I can fit it five piles across the shelf now.
And then all the "too small" scraps, left over binding pieces, squares, triangles, and bits went into this basket. Perfect for a small applique piece, my son's crafting moments, and paper piecing.

How do you take care of your stash? (Whatever it may be - fabric, scrapbooking papers, yarn?)

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Nata-Leigh (Lubbock's Mom) said...

I enjoy making cards. For my organizationing ...

I have two large hanging file boxes. One for envelopes, one for paper. Each organized in ROYGBIV style with the extra folders for pink, black, white, etc. I also have a scraps box.

Since organizing my stash ... I found two things. #1) I don't spend as much money, because it's much easier to shop at home first. #2) I craft more since it's not as hard to find everything.

Here's to organizing! Way to go!