Friday, May 8

picking a pattern

I am going to be sewing a few more sundresses, and decided to make a little "follow the pattern" tutorial about it.

So - first in the series, picking the pattern...

The books in the fabric store can be a bit overwhelming to a first-timer. I suggest Simplicity or Butterick. Maybe it's just what I'm familiar with, but for me they're a little easier than Vogue.
Other first-timer hints - pick something without sleeves like a sundress or something with only a few seams like pajama pants/shorts. Depending on your machine/level of expertise, you should also decide if you want buttons or elastic. If you do get a pattern with buttons, I suggest something like this pattern - just one button on each strap. It will pay off in the long run, they're a lot easier to line up & sew.

Once you've picked your pattern, head on over to the drawer & grab it IN THE RIGHT SIZE!

For details like the elastics/ button issue, you need to look on the back. The first big "paragraph" on the top left lists a lot of other important stuff too, so that's where you need to look. Each pattern has a couple different "views" - whichever one you're going for, keep that in mind. (for example, "Dress A". Read up about what notions you'll need - thread, buttons, elastic, whatever. Make sure you're still o.k. with the pattern. Every once in a while I'm surprised by a zipper (aackk!) that I didn't see when I first looked at it in the book. Just want you all to be informed customers. :)

Coming up next... picking your fabric & notions...

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