Sunday, May 10


The flowers are forget-me-nots. They have held special meaning for me since I was young. My gift to my teachers at the end of the school year was a potted plant - full of these precious little blue flowers - forget me nots, with a cute little card hoping that they would "forget-me-not".

I just think the flowers themselves are so delicate and dainty. A beautiful shade of blue. They have sort of become a recurring theme in my life. They have showed up throughout my wedding, on my daughter's birth announcement, in my business logo, in my front yard, and wherever else I can squeeze them in.

My grandmothers and mother are such truly amazing women, and I can only hope that someday I will be remembered as fondly. So in honor of all the wonderful mothers I know (and women who deserve to be mothers!) I wish you all a beautiful Mother's Day!

(enjoy this little tune if you'd like. It's my favorite mother/daughter song!)


Nata-Leigh (Lubbock's Mom) said...

aaah! Happy Mother's Day to you.

MaryAnne said...

Happy Mother's Day!

I love forget-me-nots too, and that's a great song...